New York Denim Designer Monique Buzy-Pucheu, New York Jeans Designer , Fashion Designer and Denim Fashion Consultant in New York City

New York Denim Designer Company buckleback Design has been a leader of New York denim fashion and been the driving force behind several major fashion brands for the last 10 years. With over 20 years of specialist experience in denim design in New York, Buckleback Design has become the de facto source for denim success.

Principal denim designer Monique Buzy-Pucheu's pashion for denim design, coupled with her talent for crating captivating and profitable designs and strategies put her at the forefront of New York denim design.

Buckleback is set up to consult, lead or assist with your brand of denim clothing or related products. from our New York City base we lend our denim expertise to your in house design team, or we can manage entire projects outside of your house structure. We are flexible and expedient, offering a level of execution to put you in the forefront of global denim fashion markets.